£200 Short Term Loans (New Lenders!)

Apply for a £200 loan
Apply for a £200 loan

We now have a range of new cash loan and payday lenders who are offering £200 loans repayable over the short term, from our new Payday range.

Some of our new lenders are cheaper than our current lenders which is great news as more competition comes to the market place and lowers the interest rates being charged.

More competition and lenders in the market place means lower rates and fees for you!

What does this mean for our customers?

What this does is offer us a greater choice of lenders to choose from when finding our customers a lender who is willing to borrow them what they require. Greater choice means we can often approach more lenders to get you a better deal and a lower rate of interest on your loan.

Who do we currently have on our panel of lenders for amount of £200 and above?


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Satsuma Loans




We are adding more short term lenders who our panel as we grow our loans offering to include greater choice. Many of the lenders here also offer installment loans and guarantor loans aswell as the more traditional payday or short term style loan.

Unsecured loans

All of our loans are personal loans and are unsecured. This means when you take out a loan with us your are not at risk of losing your home or security like you are with some of the asset secured loans and homeowner loans that are secured against your family home. If you miss payments or fall behind with you loan committments then this would severley effect your credit rating and chances of getting a loan again in the future.